Inhambane is a colonial port town with highlights including the beautiful cathedral, the busy market and picturesque dhows on the seafront. Many stunning palm lined beaches can be found within thirty kilometres of the town and the area is a mecca for scuba diving with giant Manta Rays as one of the attractions.

Also known as Vilanculos, this mainland town is becoming popular with travellers, not only because it is the main gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, but also because there are georgeous beaches, a lively night life and excellent accommodation offering good value. Snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing day trips to the islands are offered in motor boats or dhows.

Bazaruto Archipelago
The Bazaruto Archipelago consists of a chain of six islands off the Mozambican coast with the town of Vilankulo as the main gateway. The islands are reached by small plane, traditional dhows or motorboats. These are your typical, dreamy Indian Ocean islands with palm-lined beaches and lush tropical vegetation protecting several species of wildlife and at least 150 species of birds. Some of the world’s finest diving is found in the warm ocean around these islands. Divers frequently encounter whales, turtles, dolphins, and large game fish like marlins and barracudas as well as a startling variety of tropical fish.

Ilha do Moçambique
Possibly the oldest European settlement in East Africa, the town of Moçambique, situated on the small coral island of Ilha do Moçambique was for centuries an Arab and Portuguese. Years of civil war have left it a hauntingly beautiful ruin, although still home to at least 15,000 inhabitants. Most of the original colonial architecture remains including the ancient fortress of São Sebastio and its Church of Nossa Senhora Baluarte, as well as the twice-destroyed old town, containing the Jesuit College of São Paulo, an old palace and a museum of sacred art.

A coral reef protects the desert white sandy beaches of Pemba, ensuring safe swimming and excellent snorkelling conditions.

Quirimba Archipelago
In Northern Mozambique lie the thirty two islands of the the Quirimba Archipelago. The eleven southernmost islands of the Quirimba Archipelago form the Quirimba National Park. Home to many of the world's most endangered species, including the extremely rare dugong, the habitat includes coral reefs, sea grass, sandy white beaches, mangroves, forests, savannah and mountains. Four of these habitats are officially the best examples of their kind in the world.

Ibo on Ibo Island is an old colonial town and often one of the highlights of a Mozambique vacation.